The Married and Loving It Ministry supports married couples through corporate prayer, fellowship, and discipleship resources that encourage, educate, and sustain marriages. A safe environment for married couples to grow toward unity – spiritually and emotionally is provided. Couples come together on a regular basis for fellowship and fun, for prayer and study, and for mutual support. Our goal is to help married couples strengthen their bond to one another, and understand the ministry of marriage so that they may honor God through their union.


Mens Ministry

The Men’s Ministry vision is to train, equip and disciple men to serve as Spiritual leaders in their Families, Church and Community. Their mission is to provide an environment where men can be open and transparent, where men can gain healing and understanding through the Word of God and brotherly fellowship, and where men will grow together with other men to become better Leaders, Husbands, Fathers and Servants of God.


New Direction Mentoring

The New Direction Mentoring Ministry strives to mentor and provide guidance to teenagers who are considered “at risk” of truancy or juvenile delinquent behavior and consequences. This ministry incorporates a Christ-centered, role-model approach, utilizing personal involvement and a “no nonsense” program of distinctive goal-oriented objectives and Christian teachings. The aim is to nurture, improve, and sustain life-changing positive influences on teens at New Life.


Parenting Ministry

The parenting ministry is building strong families by informing, spiritually empowering, educating, and supporting ALL types of parents who seek to raise their children with Christian values. The ministry provides resources, arranges events, and functions as a community of parental support for church members and members of the greater community.


Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry at New Life Church reaches out to singles of all ages including singles and single again. We welcome widows and widowers, those who are divorced and singles who are parents. With our four active pillars of ministry concentration– Discipleship & Bible Teaching, Career & Education Development, Outreach & Evangelism and Fellowship– we’re intentional about serving the full range of needs for Christian singles. In the New Life Church Singles Ministry, there’s something for everyone!


Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is a safe haven of fellowship where women are exhorted in their relationship with God and others. The ministry seeks to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of women of New Life and the community through growth in their faith in Christ.