Using the Budget Calculator

To use the budget calculation guide, you can:

  • Use the online form below by entering your information in the yellow box
  • Download the spreadsheet Excel file using the orange button
  • Or scroll below the online form to find detailed instructions


Detailed Instructions

This budget form is only meant to be used as a “spending guide.” Every household is different, with different needs and priorities. We recognize how important wise financial management is in order to have a successful family, so we are making this budget resource available for you to use as a stewardship tool. We have attempted to make it very simple for you to use:

#1 You only need to enter your 'Gross Annual Income' for all of your income sources in the first yellow box.

#2 The Expense Categories are divided into (6) major spending areas:

    1. To God (Tithes)
    2. To Taxes (Estimated Tax Rate)
    3. To Savings
    4. To Household Needs
    5. To the Poor
    6. To Fun

#3 The budget spreadsheet will then automatically calculate your 'Monthly Budget' and 'Yearly Totals' columns for each expense category, utilizing pre-set percentages for each category.

#4 If you have any school and/or childcare expenses, please enter the ‘monthly amount’ for those expenses in the yellow box on the “Childcare | School Expenses” line.

#5 Please note that the bottom two lines indicate a “Surplus” or “Net Loss”.  This tells you how far over or under your household expenses are in comparison to your income.

#6 If you would like to manually change the percentages or other locked fields, please

A. Download the spreadsheet file

B. Open it on your desktop computer
C. Look for an option to "Unprotect Sheet" (usually under the Review tab).