Lift Up Your Hands (The Secret Power in Worship)

Marlin D. Harris

February 16, 2020

When the Bible speaks about worship, it is very clear not only about why and who we worship, but how we do it. Consider with us why scripture so repeatedly commands worshipping the Lord with raised hands.


When Only the Faithful Remain

Manny Scott

February 9, 2020

John 6:66 reports that many of Jesus' disciples turned back and no longer followed him. Why did this happen then, and why does it happen now? Finally, how should we prepare and respond?


The Hand You've Been Dealt (Pt 5, Jesus)

Marlin D. Harris

February 2, 2020

The hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life is to submit to the will of God. If you aren't being challenged, you aren't growing. In Mark 14, Jesus' experience in Gethsemane (the place of crushing) teaches us about this submission.


The Hand You've Been Dealt (Pt 4, Joseph)

Marlin D. Harris

January 26, 2020

How do we develop our character? The life of Joseph, with examples of dreams and providence, shows us the development of an outstanding life.


The Hand You've Been Dealt (Pt 3, Jacob)

Marlin D. Harris

January 19, 2020

You've got two kinds of cards to play from: destiny and choice. Learn from the account of Jacob and Esau about the interaction of God's divine destiny for you and your choices.





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