Biblical Lay Counseling

This ministry strives to render wise, biblically-sound counsel to New Life members in need of spiritual guidance and encouragement regarding struggles in their daily lives. Counselors are trained to provide support, direction, and advice by effectively utilizing their spiritual gifts to edify the Body of Christ as mandated in the Word of God.


Comforters Ministry

The Comforters Ministry provides personal care and support for New Life members who are experiencing sickness and to members who are mourning the loss of a loved one. This Ministry is comprised of the Sick Visitation and Bereavement Teams. Sick Visitation Teams are primarily concerned with visiting hospitals, nursing and private homes, hospices, and other home care facilities where immobilized members may be receiving care. The Bereavement Team provides ministry services to individuals and families who have experienced the loss of a loved one.


Intercessory Prayer

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry seeks to build a team of dedicated prayer warriors, divinely commissioned and called to consistently intercede and petition God on behalf of the Pastor, Leaders, and Members of New Life Church. The Intercessors pray for the needs, issues, and concerns of the church and its surrounding communities.

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry strives to maintain an ongoing and effective atmosphere of prayer, praise, and worship, by building a team of informed and organized prayer warriors.