Liturgical Dance

The Liturgical Dance Ministry seeks to contribute to the reverent and celebratory atmosphere of worship experiences at New Life, with jubilant and contemplative dances. This ministry contains both adult and children dance ministry teams that strive to evangelize, encourage, celebrate, and worship, through the expressive art of dance.


Multi Media Ministry

New Life’s Multi-Media Ministry recognizes the importance of sound, visual media, and technology in enhancing and presenting the gospel message and capturing the increased interest of worship and spiritual seekers in the 21st Century. This ministry utilizes the skills and talents of individuals with audio-visual technology expertise. The focus is to enhance the visual display, sound, and overall presentation of sermons, music, dramas, video, etc. expressed during worship services or other teaching/learning opportunities.


Music Ministry

The Music Ministry seeks to glorify God in song and to create a celebratory atmosphere of divine worship which promotes praise, prayer, and the proclamation of the Word of God. The passion of this ministry is to inspire genuine and authentic worship through a spirit of excellence that draws Christians and Seekers closer to God. Music is a primary and central part of Christian worship. New Life’s Music Ministry believes that its responsibility is to present music that powerfully speaks of the greatness of our God, encourages worshipers to consider God’s majesty in the midst of their daily life’s experiences, and bring them into an awareness of the presence of God during the experience of corporate worship.


Theatrical Ministry

The Theatrical Ministry seeks to inspire genuine and authentic worship that draws Christians and Seekers closer to God, through the art of theater, with a spirit of excellence. The members in this ministry utilize the performing arts as a vehicle to illuminate the transformational truths surrounding the love and life of Jesus Christ through dramatizations, skits, outreaches, and ministry events at New Life and in the community.


Usher Ministry

It is the vision of the Ushers Ministry to ensure that everyone who enters into the New Life Worship Center is graciously received with a spirit of kindness, warmth, and enthusiasm. Ushers seek to serve the needs and concerns of participants during the worship experience, with Christ-like humility. This ministry is committed to providing for the efficient passage of people within the sanctuary.