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Event Planning Guide

THIS GUIDE IS DESIGNED TO ASSIST YOU in planning any type of event or activity at New Life Church.  If you follow the suggestions in this guide, it is our hope that your event or activity will be successful. We thank you for your willingness to serve. The people of God at New Life are equipped with gifts for ministry. St. Paul tells us that we are the Body of Christ, and as we work together, we do God's work. We appreciate your leadership. Please read the Guide, complete the form and forward to ministry@newlife-atl.org for all the event or activity support you will need.

SUMMIT YOUR REQUEST EARLY. The calendar operates mostly on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to include all of your planned activities & events on your Ministry Budget Preparation Worksheet (requested/accepted annually). Once the event is approved, it will be placed on the Church calendar.  Use this Event Planning Form to finalize your event.  The event planning guide and supporting documents should be submitted 30 – 60 days prior to your activity/event based on participation.

Ministry events (i.e., ministry book study, ministry fellowship outing) require a 30-day planning period. For these events, submit your planning guide and documents 30-days prior to the event/activity.

Churchwide events (i.e., youth conference, Single’s retreat, etc.) require a 60-day planning period. For these events, submit your planning guide and documents 60-days prior to the event/activity.

The Ministry Budget Preparation Worksheet and Event Planning Guide can be emailed to ministry@newlife-atl.org

MARKETING for your event should be carefully planned with lots of lead time. We have a gifted staff that will help with your publicity to be sure all marketing material represents New Life Church and your ministry with excellence.

Please be sure to include a copy of any publicity and marketing materials you may have with this Event Planning Guide. A list of options:

NEW LIFE NEWSLETTER – Our “virtual” bulletin that includes announcements. Our newsletter is emailed to the congregation weekly.

CHURCH WEBSITE – Some events may be featured on the church website. Listing approved events on the Church website allows us to provide additional details and collect information. 

SOCIAL MEDIA – We also have the ability to feature some events on our social media channels.

EMAIL, CALL OR TEXT – If there are a limited number of participants for your event, you may also consider sending a broadcast email or mass texts to your.

IF YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE COMING you may want to utilize an online registration.  Members will be directed to the church website where they will be able to register for your event.  The church office will forward the registrations to you.

WHEN THE EVENT INVOLVES MONEY - When possible, expenses should be kept to a minimum and already included in the annual Ministry Budget of the Ministry Team. Prior planning will help be sure things run smoothly from an expense standpoint. Be sure to enter the details of your financial plan on the Event Planning Template. To spend budgeted and approved ministry funds, you can submit POV form online. POV requests should be submitted two-weeks in advance. In the case when you will be charging people for an event to cover the costs, we recommend collecting monies, turning them into the church, and having one check written from the church to cover the expenses. When selling tickets, please make checks payable to New Life Church, but cash is acceptable. To protect yourself, two people should be involved in handling all cash. All money must go across the church's books, don't pay any bills with the cash received. Talk with the Finance Department to learn detailed procedures for handling cash.


Event Planning Request

Enter the event in ACS on the Church calendar – try to do so 60 days in advance of the event. Be sure to describe special set up and AV equipment needs in your ACS request.



Email a draft of promotional material you want to use in your publicity plan. Include flyer material, scripts, and all other details. Please include the date you would like the promotional item published. Email to Info@newlife-atl.org

Logistics Checklist

Please list number of items needed where applicable or place a check next to items needed.

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Virtual Meeting Request Form

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