Spiritual Gifts Assessment



This assessment is a set of 51 questions that are designed to help you identify the strongest Spiritual Gift(s) that you possess. We do not claim that this assessment is infallible, nor should it be a substitute for prayer and personal inventory concerning the Spiritual Gift(s) that God has blessed you with.

1.  Select one response that you feel best characterizes yourself and place that number in the blank.  This is not a test; there are no wrong answers. These questions are simply a reliable guide to help you on your journey to discovering (or reaffirming) your God-given strengths and abilities. 

2.  Don’t spend too much time on any one question. Usually, your immediate response is best.

Your Response Options Are:

  • 5 Highly characteristic of me/definitely true for me
  • 4 Most of the time this would describe me/be true for me
  • 3 Frequently characteristic of me/true for me about 50% of the time
  • 2 Occasionally characteristic of me/true for me about 25% of the time
  • 1 Not at all characteristic of me/definitely untrue for me

Please allow about 15-20 minutes to take the assessment and review your results.  At the end of the assessment, you'll be given the opportunity to match your gifts to various open Ministry opportunities here at New Life Church.  Simply click the "I Would Like to Connect" button once you are completed.

To get started discovering your Spiritual Gifts, please fill out the form below:

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